Larry Nassar: Former US Gymnastics Doctor Stabbed in Prison



In a shocking turn of events, Larry Nassar, the disgraced former USA gymnastics team doctor, has been stabbed while serving his sentence in prison. This incident highlights the continued notoriety surrounding Nassar and the gravity of his crimes. In this article, we delve into the details of the attack and the current condition of Nassar.

The Stabbing Incident

According to an exclusive report by ABC News, Larry Nassar was the victim of a stabbing in prison. The assault took place on Sunday afternoon, resulting in Nassar being stabbed six times in the back and neck. The severity of the attack is evident, as he sustained significant injuries, including a suspected collapsed lung. Thankfully, he is currently in stable condition, as confirmed by reliable sources familiar with the situation.

Attack at United States Penitentiary Coleman II

The Bureau of Prisons confirmed the assault, stating that it occurred at the United States Penitentiary Coleman II, a high-security federal facility located in Florida. Fortunately, no other individuals were harmed during the incident. The authorities have already identified a fellow inmate as the primary suspect in the attack. To determine if there were any other accomplices, investigators are meticulously reviewing video footage and other available evidence.

Overtime and Staffing Shortages

A source familiar with the investigation revealed that the staff members responsible for guarding Nassar were working overtime. This unusual situation arose due to staffing shortages at the Bureau of Prisons. Such shortages can have serious consequences, as witnessed in this incident. The incident emphasizes the need for appropriate staffing levels within correctional facilities to maintain the safety of both inmates and staff.

Nassar’s Incarceration

Larry Nassar, infamous for sexually assaulting members of the USA gymnastics team, is serving his sentences at USP Coleman. Notably, he has been housed in a unit consisting of inmates convicted of sexual assault, as confirmed by a reliable source. Nassar faced both state and federal charges for his abhorrent crimes, resulting in a cumulative sentence that amounts to hundreds of years.


The stabbing of Larry Nassar, the former USA gymnastics team doctor, within the confines of a federal prison has shocked the nation. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of his heinous actions and the ongoing impact they have had on his life. As the investigation continues, it is crucial to ensure the safety and security of all inmates and address the staffing challenges faced by correctional institutions. The case of Larry Nassar will continue to be a significant chapter in the history of gymnastics and the pursuit of justice.

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